Yes. If you have logged activities from the 19th June on Strava but signed up a little late, all these will be included from the start of the campaign. If you are new to Strava and late signing up, depending on when you join, you may not top the leaderboards by the time the challenge ends at 23:59 on 30th July but we promise, you’ll have lots of fun and hopefully improve your fitness levels along the way.

Signing up is easy, just follow the simple steps below:

  • If you haven’t already done so, go to strava.com and create an account.
  • Visit wygactive.com and click the button labelled ‘Connect with Strava’, then follow the instructions. Once complete, this will provide limited access to your profile and activity data logged via your Strava account. This is read-only access so we cannot make changes to your Strava profile or activities.
  • Return to wygactive.com and complete the sign-up form.
  • You may wish to join a team (up to a maximum of five people)
  • Our race begins on the 19th June but you can still join after this date.
  • Track your activities using either a wearable GPS device, via the Strava mobile app, or by manually entering the workout on the Strava website.

Yes. High Five! is aimed at everyone at WYG, not just the athletic amongst us. Whether you use it as extra motivation to help in your training for an event or to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, one thing is guaranteed, it will be fun.

Most definitely. Everyone is encouraged to get involved whether you track your activities as an individual, in a team or both. The more activities you do and log on Strava, you more high fives you earn along the way.

Activities will once again be tracked using Strava and you will have the opportunity to collect high fives along the way and will accumulate to levels:

  • Level 1 – Low Five (0-15 activities logged)
  • Level 2 – High Five (16-30 activities logged)
  • Level 3 – Super High Five (31-45 activities logged)
  • Level 4 – Mega High Five (46-60 activities logged)
  • Level 5 – Ultimate High Five! (61 + activities logged) - King/Queen of the Mountain

Levels will be represented as a badge that is added to your profile page and will be updated throughout the campaign depending on number of activities logged.

To make sure that no team starts off with a disadvantage, each sporting category has a weighting multiplier. Logged activities will have this multiplier added for use in the team and overall leaderboards. These are:

Category Weighting
Cycling 1.0
Running 2.5
Walking 2.0
Swimming 7.5
Rowing 5.0

We are also adding elevation as a weighting this year – see below.

Track your athletic activity (walking, running, swimming, cycling or rowing) using one of the many compatible GPS devices and then log your activity from the device onto Strava. Other activities chosen from the list of options in Strava will automatically be converted to one of these. I.e. Hiking = Walking and Spin class = cycling. Your mileage will automatically be added to the leaderboards on the High Five! website.

If you intend to track your activity via a compatible smartphone, you will need to download the free mobile app.

For help on how to use Strava to track your activities, download the Strava User Guide

To link the Fitbit to Strava:
  1. Visit http://strava.fitbit.com and click connect
  2. Log in to Strava
  3. Once logged into Strava, you’ll be asked to log in to Fitbit
  4. Once logged into Fitbit, you’ll be asked to authorise Strava
  5. Activities logged through Fitbit will sync to your Strava account, but only where GPS is used to track the activity (see below).
Please note: Non GPS activities, previous completed activities, and duplicate activities (for example, if you log the activity on Strava & on Fitbit) won’t sync to Strava. Therefore, you will need to manually record the first two types of activites in Strava either via the desktop website or the mobile app.
To manually log an activity in the Strava mobile app:
  1. Open the Strava app on your mobile device.
  2. Click the + in the bottom right corner of the screen and select manual
  3. Enter/edit the activity title
  4. Add the time (duration) / distance / pace information
  5. Select your activity from the drop down list
  6. Add date and time for activity
  7. (optional) add a description
  8. Save activity
To manually log an activity on the Strava website:
  1. Press the + in the top right of the screen (Next to your profile)
  2. Choose ‘manual’ from the menu on the left side of the screen
  3. Enter the distance / duration / and elevation
  4. Select the activity from the Sports drop down menu and enter date & time of the activity
  5. Edit/Add the activity title
  6. (optional) add a description
  7. Click create

Following feedback from previous years, the emphasis this year is on logging as many of the five activities to collect high fives and climb the virtual peaks. This is about doing more than you usually would, pushing yourself and working as a team!

For those who don’t have the Strava app on their mobile devices, you can still log steps using a pedometer style device (health app on mobile or Fitbit) for an activity. For example - walk, e.g. commute home (walk, 1.5 miles, 20 mins).

As this year’s theme is a mountain challenge, we are bringing elevation to the mix. Log an activity and be awarded more mileage for distance climbed.

We are using ‘Naismith’s Rule’ which is normally used for hiking and suggests an 8:1 ratio for elevation over distance (ie. 100m elevation is equivalent to 800m distance). The equation is simplified to:

WeightedDistanceKm = (DistanceKm + ((elevationMetres / 1000) * 8)) * CategoryWeighting

and would provide the following results:

Base Figures Weighted Figures
Distance (Km) Elevation (metres) Cycling (Km) Running (Km) Walking (Km)
30 0 30.00 75.00 60.00
30 75 30.60 76.50 61.20
30 150 31.20 78.00 62.40
30 225 31.80 79.50 63.60
30 300 32.40 81.00 64.80
30 375 33.00 82.50 66.00
30 450 33.60 84.00 67.20

The updating of leaderboards is a manual process and takes the active team a considerable amount of time. To minimise human error and significantly reduce upload times, all participants are required to log their activities through Strava. Any submissions made outside of this will not be included.

Yes! We are delighted to have High5 Sports Nutrition on board as campaign partner. Each participant will receive a starter pack containing energy gels and nutrition guides to help power you through the campaign.

For help on how to use Strava to track your activities, download the Strava User Guide

Please email the team via active@wyg.com