How do I get started?

Simply visit the sign-up page and follow the easy steps.

You will also need a Strava account too to join in. Visit to create your profile and join the social network for athletes.

You may wish to join a team (up to a maximum of eleven people)

Our challenge begins on the 4th June, but you can still join after this date.

Track your activities using either a wearable GPS device, via the Strava mobile app, or by manually entering the workout on the Strava website.

Can I join at any time?

Yes. If you have logged activities from the 4th June on Strava but signed up a little late, all these will be included from the start of the campaign. If you are new to Strava and late signing up, depending on when you join, you may not top the leaderboards by the time the challenge ends on the 15th July but we promise, you’ll have lots of fun and hopefully improve your fitness levels along the way.

I'm not an athlete, can I still take part?

Yes absolutely. Kick Off is aimed at everyone at WYG, not just the athletic amongst us. To make it fully inclusive to all, we have introduced two leagues to compete in. Simply select your preferred league, either reserves or senior team.

We're struggling to find a team of eleven, can you help?

Yes, absolutely. Simply email or post in the WYG Active Yammer group so we can introduce you to others looking for team members.

What is the difference between leagues?

Reserves – This league is aimed at those individuals who don’t currently exercise regularly but want to use the campaign to achieve personal goals, such as couch to 5km or enjoy leisurely lunchtime walks with colleagues.

Senior team – For the extra competitive amongst us and those that exercise more regularly with the aim to reach the top of the leader board, the senior team’s league is for you.

I don't have a team, can I still take part?

Most definitely. Everyone is encouraged to get involved whether you track your activities as an individual, in a team or both. The more activities you do and log on Strava, the more goals you earn along the way.

How do you earn goals?

For a bit of fun and a sense of personal achievement, you can earn yourself goals for completing activities. This includes time spent in the gym for classes such as HIIT, spinning, Yoga and pilates.

1 hour of exercise = 1 goal

Group stage (achieved for signing up)
Last 16 (10 goals)
Quarter (20 goals)
Semi (30 goals)
Finals (40 goals)

The different stages above will be represented on a participant’s profile page once achieved.

My team consists of eleven individuals who only like walking and swimming. How can we compete against a team of keen runners and cyclists?

To make sure that no team starts off with a disadvantage, each sporting category has a weighting multiplier. Logged activities will have this multiplier added for use in the team and overall leaderboards. These are:

Category Weighting
Cycling 1.0
Running 2.5
Walking 2.0
Swimming 7.5
Rowing 3.5

We will also have elevation weighting again this year – see below.

Log an activity and be awarded more mileage for distance climbed.

We are using ‘Naismith’s Rule’ which is normally used for hiking and suggests an 8:1 ratio for elevation over distance (ie. 100m elevation is equivalent to 800m distance). The equation is simplified to:

WeightedDistanceKm = (DistanceKm + ((elevationMetres / 1000) * 8)) * CategoryWeighting

and would provide the following results:

Base Figures Weighted Figures
Distance (Km) Elevation (metres) Cycling (Km) Running (Km) Walking (Km)
30 0 30.00 75.00 60.00
30 75 30.60 76.50 61.20
30 150 31.20 78.00 62.40
30 225 31.80 79.50 63.60
30 300 32.40 81.00 64.80
30 375 33.00 82.50 66.00
30 450 33.60 84.00 67.20

I have registered for The Kick Off and created an account on Strava but now what do I do?

Track your athletic activity (walking, running, swimming, cycling or rowing) using one of the many compatible GPS devices and then log your activity from the device onto Strava.

Other activities chosen from the list of options in Strava will automatically be converted to one of these. I.e. Hiking = Walking and Spin class = cycling.

Your mileage will automatically be added to the leaderboards on the Kick Off website.

If you intend to track your activity via a compatible smartphone, you will need to download the free mobile app.

For help on how to use Strava to track your activities, download the Strava User Guide.

I’m new to Strava. Where can I find help using the mobile app and website?

For help on how to use Strava to track your activities including gym workout and classes, download the Strava User Guide.

Any other questions?

Please email the team via