About High Five

High Five! is an online challenge taking participants on a virtual journey of reward and achievement starting from the foothills of Ben Nevis in Scotland to the snowy peaks of Mount Everest in Nepal.

Running from 19th June for six weeks, physical activity under five sporting categories (walking, running, cycling, rowing, and swimming) is tracked using Strava and converted into metres climbed up the various mountain peaks.

Working in teams up to a maximum of five, colleagues are challenged to climb every mountain and help us reach the Group target of 23,975m by tracking physical activity and converting to distance.

For every 3km logged, we will climb up a virtual peak by 1m. Participants will have the opportunity to collect high fives along the way and will accumulate to levels:


Levels will be represented as a badge that is added to a participant’s profile page and will be updated throughout the campaign depending on number of activities logged.

The experience will be brought to life with an interactive website with a personal profile for each participant including number of high fives awarded, live team leader boards, podiums for each activity, distance updates, weekly themes and challenges.

High Five! isn’t just for athletes, it is open to everyone at WYG. Whether you use it as extra motivation to help in your training for an event or to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, one thing is guaranteed, it will be fun!

What are you waiting for? Spread the word and sign-up!


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