The Kick Off

Running from Monday 4th June until 15th July, you are invited to join our online, active challenge by going the distance, tracking activities using Strava, gaining tournament goals along the way. Goals will be awarded to individuals that complete activities and record them on Strava.


This year, to ensure the campaign is fully inclusive to all, we will be introducing a goals system that rewards time in the gym as well as the usual distance covered by completing outdoor activities such as running, cycling etc.

  • Group Stage Badge
  • Last 16 Badge
  • Quarter Final Badge
  • Semi Final Badge
  • Final Badge

For a bit of fun and a sense of personal achievement, you can earn yourself goals for completing activities. This includes time spent in the gym for classes such as HIIT, spinning, Yoga and pilates.

1 hour of exercise = 1 goal

Group stage (achieved for signing up)
Last 16 (10 goals)
Quarter (20 goals)
Semi (30 goals)
Finals (40 goals)

The above achievements will be added to a participant’s profile page and will be updated throughout the campaign depending on their performance.

All colleagues that sign up to participate, will receive their group stage badge which will be added at the start of the campaign.


Working in teams of up to 11 individuals, colleagues are encouraged to build their squad from various disciplines across the business to help promote collaboration and instil a true sense of teamwork. As there are 32 teams competing in the FIFA World Cup, we will hold a draw to determine which country you have been assigned following the initial sign up period.


This year, we are giving you the option to choose which league you wish to play in to ensure fairness and inclusivity to all.

Reserves – This league is aimed at those individuals who don’t currently exercise regularly but want to use the campaign to achieve personal goals, such as couch to 5km or enjoy leisurely lunchtime walks with colleagues.

Senior team – For the extra competitive amongst us and those that exercise more frequently with the aim to reach the top of the leader board, the senior team’s league is for you.

Logging Activities

All you need is a Strava account as we use the data (with your permission of course) from your personal profile for the campaign, which feeds through to members and leader board pages.

Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (also works with your GPS watches and head units, too).

Simply start Strava before an activity and you can track your favourite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data.

If you’re more a gym user rather than an outside runner, no worries. Simply upload a manual entry following your workout/class.

If you’re new to Strava and need assistance creating a new account, please visit our handy Strava guide >>.

Any Questions?

Please email the team via